Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Looking for durable and best basketball shoes for wide feet? You’re at the right spot!

I have been into sports for years and found some of the most comfortable and durable shoes for the game.

Several manufacturers claim that they have the best choices for your feet but most of them are not up to the mark. I tried some of the top brands and crafted a list of some Best wide Basketball shoes picks for your wide feet.

During the test, I tried Nike, Adidas, and other top manufacturers’ shoes for wide feet to find out the ideal choices. While crafting the list, I considered both; durability, comfortability. As basketball has a great dependency on your footwear, it should be durable and comfortable on the same side.

Who would like to get new shoes every month? No one! Right?

So, we require a product that stands for all of your games giving you the flexibility to play and score. We don’t require one-time use shoes that get rusted out so easily. 

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet:

So, here’s a list of my top picks for wide feet basketball shoes:

1. Jordan Nike Air XXXI#1 Rated Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Nike’s Jordan series is great when it comes to durability and design. Jordan’s XXXI features an innovative design, that is well-engineered for a supportive fit.

In the game of basketball, we usually require ankle support as it involves regular jumping and running. This piece addresses the concern, the ankle pillows are there for it.

About design which seems a bit minimalistic, the shoe is recommended by regular players. It features explosive Flight Speed as its lightweight and lets you move smoothly. Some players talk about the cushions present inside, which feels incredible.

During the game, we require multidirectional traction and XXXI covers you with herringbone pattern. With this pattern, you feel like a gravity-free environment letting you run and jump for precise goals.

About weight which is 14.03 oz, the shoe fits for beginner to pro games. We terminate it as air-light shoes. XXXI shares the same designer as Air Jordan 18, so you get that retro feel with the same fit, similar traction, a similar cushion.
Jordan’s crafted it with great support for wide feet, while short footed players might leave a lot to be desired. However, fittings can be made accordingly from official stores.
If we talk about the material, it seems to be a true successor to the XX9. Quality and durability are enough to elaborate on the material thing. The transition from the weave to synthetic leather gives an amazing feeling when you play. However, it has a tighter forefoot knit so you won’t stretch in an easy fashion.

If slightly rigid materials in the back and soft material in front suits your requirements, Jordan’s 31 is a perfect choice!

  • Comfortable
  • Full-length Zoom cushioning
  • Ankle support
  • Durable
  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Hard to clean
  • Unfit for shorter feet

2. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness II – Best Wide Basketball Shoes Runner Up

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Being an affordable shoe, I have used it in my practice sessions. Witness II comes with Nike’s iconic tick and comfortable design. Designer crafted it in a way that no in-depth manufacture is required.

With Witness II, you get the same cushioning and traction as the original Witness. It also features a hex-shaped Zoom Air in the forefoot for better movement. There’s a diamond pattern in the bottom for better traction, which keeps you covered on a variety of surfaces.

For clean floors, the traction is above average but for dusty floors wiping is required as the pattern is filled with dust. Concluding this, it is perfect for outdoor coverage including tennis court-like surfaces.

If we talk about the cushion, I had a good experience. Cushions in front and in ankle position find comfortable movement with a little bit of energy return through Zoom experience. If we compare it with originals, the cushion experience is quite unremarkable. Cushions quality is somewhat uncomfortable and not recommended for long use.

Material and build-quality are up to the mark and its web-like structure in front gives you the best airflow, flexibility, and breathability. However, as the mesh is exposed and a few toe rugs are enough to get it out of the working order. If you’re looking for a great indoor experience which is affordable to your pocket, Lebron Witness II could be your best pick!

  • Diamond traction pattern
  • Better ventilation
  • Affordable
  • Casual design
  • Works perfectly on clean surfaces
  • Open to dust
  • The rubber used is not durable

3. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Cyber Monday” – Nike Wide Basketball Shoes

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Air Jordan 1 is nicknamed after its drop date on “Cyber Monday 2015”, available in a variety of modern looks. After reviewing its casual blue themed piece, I found it to be a fine craft for indoor and outdoor courts.

From front to back, the traction is amazing. Lateral and medial movements are very impressive due to the multidirectional circle patterns along with the flexible and soft rubber. This surface makes this retro a perfect choice for clean and dusty outdoors.

If we look at its cushion work, it is similar to other retro shoes. If you take nice care, cushions will support you in the long run. However, as they’re not durable, you have to make choices on repairs later on.

Full leather uppers and a rubber midsole cover you with quick transitions. Quality leather gives it strength and durability from start to finish.

Being designed professionally, it has an excellent lockdown as did for the midfoot. As you game, you’ll notice the lockdown fit getting loose. So you’ve to make lacing adjustments after every game or so.

  • Variety of multiple colors
  • Ankle support and protection
  • Works for both indoor and outdoor courts
  • Quality leather used
  • Soft outsole
  • Different quality transitions for every release
  • No proper ventilation

4. Under Armour Men’s Sc 3zer0 Ii – Basketball Shoe

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Under Armour has manufactured several quality basketball shoes and their 3ZERO is a great pick. Traction standout along with fittings. It is rugged, aggressive and covers every direction a pro basketball player requires. Starts stops and jumps, we do this all-time during play and it gets easy with 3ZERO. Traction is designed effectively for indoor and outdoor usage.

About cushion which is similar to its original variation, you get a runner to feel every time. Hard and soft rubber is used with perfection to make sure your feet stay comfortable throughout. From start to finish, cushions are placed in a nice position to give you an incredible experience.

If we talk about the material used, it almost seems like a wetsuit for your feet. Good ventilation is there for maximum comfort and breathability. It actually hugs your feet and makes you stand out through the game. However, as it is constructed for wide feet, short feet players will have to recheck sizes to get a perfect fit. About support, it gives you the same feel as Nike originals. In my recent games, I found no issues about ankle support and experienced smooth bounce backs.

Overall the Under Armour’s budget pick is nice for normal use, weighs less naturally but maintains durability at the same time!

  • Heel-to-toe transition
  • Comfortable cushion system
  • Better traction
  • Supportive design
  • Lightweight
  • Toe area may seem to have extra space
  • Material may feel cheap to touch

5.  Adidas Men’s Dame 5 – Men’s wide basketball shoes

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Much like the rest of Adidas’ collection for basketball shoes, Dame 5 features excellent traction. Adidas calls it herringbone traction from heel to toe. The pattern they’ve put together is a surprise; it is thick and widely apart, no worries about the dust or slipping issues.

A mixture of rubber and consistent pattern makes it work for every play area. For no-tough courts, it is still reliable and lets you play effectively.

Just like Adidas’ premium collection, Dame has also got a comfortable cushion experience. Bounce is a bit thicker than previous releases which eventually helps you in jumping. Overall, it is comfortable for your wide feet and recommended by pro players.

When I used it for the first time, I found it using top-notch materials. Mesh and leather, two options are available while the later one offers better durability.

Unlike previous variations, Dame 5 comes in a variety of sizes to find your perfect fit. If you’re looking for a stable pick that sticks on most of the surfaces, it would be a nice pick!

  • Reliable bounce setup
  • Sleek design
  • Quality materials used in the manufacture
  • No dust or clean issues
  • Availability in a variety of sizes
  • Design is not modern
  • Slippery issues with a few surfaces

6. Under Armour Men’s Drive 5 – Best wide basketball shoes

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Similar to what Under Armour offered in 3ZERO, Drive 5 features great fit and durability. Starting with the material, a textile mesh and neoprene combo are used. It seems like a cheap setup but it still owes you effective performance. Textile mesh covers external forefoot and toe areas, while Neoprene covers inside. Neoprene gives you excellent comfort letting you play with better movement.

About cushion setup, it features MicroG throughout the heel area while in previous versions, we had just a few patches covered with MicroG. I call it near-to-perfection cushion setup.

If we talk about traction, a phenomenal job is done. Making use of Herringbone traction pattern but better than what Nike did. With that traction, you don’t need to worry about court conditions as it works great everywhere. I used it for outdoor games and the results were amazing!

Overall, the series is producing fine shoes while Drive 5 is like the cherry on top. Killer traction lasting longer, lightweight construction, and well-balanced cushion setup owe you comfort to play around. If you’re tight on budget and looking for a durable option, Drive 5 is the way to go!

  • Fine traction with herringbone pattern
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Good for other exercises like walking and weightlifting
  • Affordable
  • Well-engineered cushion setup
  • Not much durable
  • Cheap design

7. Nike Air Jordan Legacy 312 – Men’s Fashion

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Similar to Jordan’s XXXI, Legacy 312 offers durability and comfort at the same time. As we know, Nike never takes a risk in terms of material selection; it’s true in terms of this beast.

It comes with a hard rubber outsole so no worries about scratches or damage.

About design, it features a colorful outsole (available in various color variations) with a great look. Nobody can beat Nike when it comes to design!

Traction pattern is better as compared to older Legacy design, so you can expect improvement in outdoor plays. No worries about dust and cleaning issues, you just need to wipe it once or twice.

Cushion design is engineered well to make you feel comfortable throughout the game. Soft and durable material is used which would stay for long.

For your wide feet, it offers great fit. From toe to heel, you find perfection in fit, traction and material choice. Other than that, it takes you back to 80s/90s for vintage vibes.

Overall, it is fine for regular basketball plays no matter what type of court you’re on; keep the movement!

  • Highly comfortable
  • Fine cushion setup
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Quality materials for durability
  • Lacks breathability
  • Colors are too flashy

8. Nike Men’s Zoom Penny VI

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Penny 6 features a nice design with a variety of colors. Nike has always inspired with its traction pattern and Penny VI is the actual image. The pattern has a consistent design with hard bottom. It feels good, no slips even on slippery courts.

About cushion, it protected my heels as well. From toe to heel, you will find it very comfortable and you can expect better movements.

If we talk about fit, there’s a confusion between yes or no. Some sizes show irregular behavior as you might end up with a room. In case you have wide feet, it would fit easily.

If we talk about the build material, it is not bad either. You get a combo of hard rubber and foam stuff around.

Overall, Penny 6 comes with a durable design which works great for stiff and outdoor courts. However, you can use it for running and similar exercises.

  • Durability, as quality material is used
  • Long-lasting rubber for high wear areas like the heel area
  • Better breathability due to a well-engineered ventilation system
  • Works great on slippery courts
  • Super flexible, no break-in time needed
  • No comfort material (other than foam)
  • A bit expensive
  • Here’s third
  • Here’s fourth
  • Up to N

9. Under Armour Men’s Drive 4 – Low Basketball Shoe

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Similar to what Under Armour offered in later variations, Drive 4 features great build quality and durability at the same time. About the material, a neoprene and textile mesh combo is there. It looks like the cheap setup but it still owes you efficient performance indeed. Textile mesh covers toe and external forefoot areas, while Neoprene covers internally. You get better movement with excellent comfort due to Neoprene.

About cushion setup, it features MicroG throughout the heel area while in previous versions like Drive 3, we had just a few patches covered with MicroG. I call it well-engineered cushion setup.

Talking about traction, what a phenomenal job UA has done. They’ve used Herringbone traction pattern probably better than what Nike did. With that traction, you play with no worries about court conditions as it works great on every court. My choice for outdoor games and run!

Drive series is already producing great shoes while Drive 4 is a fine choice indeed. Killer traction lasting longer, lightweight construction, and well-balanced cushion setup owe you enough comfort to play around. If you’re tight on budget and looking for a long-lasting shoe, Drive 4 is there for you.

  • Offers traction with herringbone pattern
  • Lightweight & Fine ventilation
  • Works great for other exercises like walking and weightlifting
  • Affordable
  • Well-design cushion setup
  • Limited color variations
  • Cheap design

10. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Nike’s Hyperdunk is a solid performer featuring a fine traction. It works fine on all types of courts due to the soft rubber and spaced out pattern.

Nice cushion work is done here, Phylon’s soft version is used throughout which eventually gives you a better compression and rebound ability. I found it soft and comfortable for jumping during the play.

If we talk about the material, it includes a mixture of leather, mesh, and foam. There’s nothing premium over there except that lather stuff on top. The mesh is not that stretchy giving you solid movements throughout.

How fit is that? It is clarified that Hyperdunk works fine for every position and player. However, for wide feet, it offers you better movement through a variety of sizes.

Overall the shoe works good for indoor and outdoor games but I admire the cushion work Nike’s done here.

  • Cushion comfortness
  • Fits like a glove
  • Premium design
  • Affordable
  • Traction doesn’t work for dusty courts

Types of Wide Basketball Shoes for different players

Just like other sportswear, basketball shoes have got a variety of different players. Choosing a shoe for your game depends on the requirements you’re looking for. These requirements are the backbone for the difference in shoe choices:

1. Best Ankle Support

basketball shoes with ankle support are a priority to some players out there. They’re looking for a product that owes them the best ankle experience throughout the game. This type of shoes are designed for power players, extremely durable material is used for ankle support so that it doesn’t wear out. Probably, defenders and shooters both have this concern and prefer the one that has the best experience for ankle support. Shoes with best ankle support and the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis, too.

2. Traction

Traction is what decides your movement solidity. Pattern located at the back of your shoe is a traction and it is crucial for performance on a variety of courts. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose shoe (both running and basketball one), a wider pattern should be chosen. In this way, if you’re looking for a shoe for indoor sports, you can go with a tight pattern as there are no worries about dust to make it slippery. It’s all about the requirements and priorities and traction pattern varies based on these.

3. Best Fit

Just like we talked about the one with ankle support, choices are made on “best fit”, too. Nike wide basketball shoes work perfectly for the wide feet. However, for short feet, you have to look for the perfect size, the one that keeps your movement smooth whether you’re shooting or defending. Best fit thing is a decider for basketball shoes and every player considers the shoe fitness before making a purchase.

4. Weight & Material

Some players prefer to use shoes that are lightweight and made of soft material. While some players prefer the one with hard material no worries about weight. These contradictions in decision lead companies to manufacture shoes in variations. A pro version or a lite version, maybe to make sure their products are chosen by players with both requirements. However, there are players that can spend more to have a durable piece which is lightweight at the same time. Choices may vary, it’s up to your requirements and priorities that categorizes shows into types for different players.

How to choose perfect basketball shoes for wide feet

We’ve already talked about shoes for different players and found how priorities plus requirements decide the final choices. The question ‘how to choose perfect basketball shoes ’ can go in multiple dimensions, have a look at the previous discussion.

Talked about best fit, best ankle support, best weight and material and came up with a decision that an ideal shoe is what that suits your requirements. What exactly your requirements are? You can make a choice accordingly. However here are a few aspects to consider generally:

Durable material:

Nobody like shoes that worn out in a matter of weeks. We look for a court partner that stays long. To make this happen, consider the one that has quality and durable materials used.

Best Fit:

There are shoes that look perfect in material combination but might not fit in your feet. These make it difficult to make timely movements inside the court. Best fit has importance and it shouldn’t be ignored for professional use.

Best Ankle Support:

At shooting or defending the position that requires some extra movement? Make sure you pick the one with the best ankle support else you’ll end up with pain and low performance.

Wider Traction:

If you’re an all-rounder and play on a variety of surfaces, consider wider traction so that you have no cleaning or dust issues. Otherwise, slips can surely reduce your performance.

Frankly saying, making a perfect choice depends on your position, performance, and requirements. There’s no shortcut to pick the perfect one!

Things to consider before buying

We have a lot of shoe mechanics to consider before buying a wide feet basketball shoe:

 Sole Design:

Basketball shoes feature a herringbone pattern to provide traction for instant stops and starts. With the help of this, players experience the best action. Consider the sole design according to the court surfaces on which you play. For indoor, a shoe with light pattern can work but a heavier one is recommended for outdoor play.

Material Quality

For professional use, we recommend a shoe manufactured using quality material so that it could last for long. Material quality is always a concern whether you’re buying tennis shoes or basketball one.

The recommendation is to go for brands that offer great build-quality so that it stays as your partner for the upcoming games. Trying local shoes is not a good idea as you won’t get a long life for your partner. Make a decision, choose the one which is perfect in material quality and you won’t regret later on.


Shoe’s midsole is an important thing to consider. This is where the footwear’s cushioning is found, which eventually decides the performance. If you’ve chosen a shoe with fine cushioning, you’ll enjoy your each second inside the court.

FAQs About Wide Basketball Shoes

Do I need basketball shoes or will my running, tennis, or volleyball shoes work?

Yes, you need separate shoes for basketball. This is for the same reason your vehicle doesn’t run on skateboard wheels. 😀

Head on to your sports store and look for the ‘basketball’ section.

What is actually the ‘best shoe’?

The answer is simple, the one that fits your shoes is the best one. Comfortable and best fit!

Any suggestion about insole?

The recommendation is to simply go for the shoes that feel better without insoles. Fewer parts involved always give you a better experience.

Have to wear socks?

Yes, extreme movements are involved and cushions are not the only solution. Just like shoes, socks are different from other options available. These socks have arch support, anti-fatigue compression, and moisture control. Wear basketball socks, every time.


We’ve talked about 10 best picks for basketballs and a few mechanics that you need to consider before you make a choice. If you haven’t made your choice, go back and find the one from those ten top-notch picks for professional basketball use!

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