Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit REVIEW

The Adidas Crazy explosion 2017 Primeknit like every other daunting  Adidas collection the shoe is unarguably a top-notch to their shoe collection.

The Adidas crazy explosive Primeknit 2017  is a one-piece footie made up of a raised wave pattern, socks like ankle collar that enables natural movement Down.

It has a full-length boost midsole with a lateral roll cage which has soft insert and a huge infinity shank plate to keep you stable and firm.

For every basketball lover, the crazy explosive is a go-to that I greatly recommend for anyone not just cos it comprises of a broad base which makes anyone’s foot fit inside comfortably and offers lateral support and great ankle support but it also has a prime knit supportive section which stops the materials from slacking and stretching out of shape making it durable which makes it really amazing .

The crazy explosive has a shrug fit and added protection aided by the ample ankle and tongue cushioning making the shoe comfortable to wear for hours without any discomfort and we all know how long basketball takes.

Even while hovering around during a game it gives a comfortable Balance.

The perfect fit coupled with the feather weightiness of the shoe makes the crazy explosive a perfect choice for basketball.

The crazy explosive has an excellent cushion, amazing support, great fit.

Apart from how impeccably durable it is, it is also very pocket-friendly and affordable. It is a multifaceted option for any player providing great support for the ankle during any game.

The crazy explosive is not just a sports shoe, but can, also be rocked casually with a jean and polo or for a friendly hangout.

The elevated wave pattern makes it appealing to the eye and the variety of colors provided makes it easy to rock with any color of outfit anytime.

The Adidas crazy explosive 2017 primeknit with all its amazingly eye-popping features has some loopholes as it is restrictive in some ways.

The crazy explosive is not suitable for wide footers due to the stiff elasticity at the top of the shoemaking it difficult to put on.

The stiff elasticity makes the shoe unbreathable. For a basketball player or a sports player, a lightweight shoe is usually preferable the crazy explosive is quite heavy and restricts easy movement due to its weight.

As no one likes a discomforting shoe during a game this can restrict swift movements.

The Traction of the Adidas Crazy Explosives has been likened to an ant farm by some and although it sticks superbly there remains some hiccups.

For instance, when it is used in a dusty tiled surface, you tend to have to wipe it occasionally to maintain that great traction and avoid some few slips here and there.

Unlike the tiled floor, when the Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit 2017 is used on a dusty hardwood court, it perfectly cuts through the dirt and wiping is very minimal. As it retains that great stickiness and gripping unto the wood surface.

Oh!! When the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 is used on a  clean court, it can be referred to as super glue, it sticks excellently and on a plastic court, the results are just as excellent.

So when running up and down that court you rest assured of a good grip on the surface with your Crazy Explosive 2017 and it happens to feel just a little loose anytime, just wipe it a little bit and the great traction returns.

 Popular among Adidas Crazy Explosive shoes are the Boost Technology and the Crazy Explosive 2017 was not an exception.

It followed suit with the trusted and efficient full-length Boost which comes with a soft TPU cage on the lateral side of the shoe while also having the Boost emerge at the medial region.

Just like every boost enabled shoe, the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 gives that beast- mode and an excellent cushion to play basketball.

So for basketball players to be sure that the Crazy Explosive 2017 gives that good cushion from that slamdunk, jump shot or block. It has you covered with one of the best cushion boosts can give.

We all know Boost is life, Crazy Explosive 2017 rocks on this. It also seems that the problem of the cushion bottoming out, later on, has been rectified with this shoe, giving you a great cushion that lasts long. What better boost could you ask for?

The Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primekit make a new introduction from the previous editions, buying into the era of sock-like ankle collar, a major feature of this edition.

Everyone seems to be crazy about this kind of designs lately and the Crazy Explosive 2017 forges a new Primekit that makes use of a raised wave pattern.

Adidas let go off the GeoFit inner sleeve of the 2016 franchise, but instead gave the Crazy Explosive 2017 a sock-like ankle collar which has a softer inner at the tongue and ankle for more comfort.

The newly forged Primekit definitely gives the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 a dope effect, pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to the feet, allowing more flexibility for the ankle with the sock-like ankle collar.

The Fit of the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 also comes with significant differences to that of the previous year.

It is fit true to size while also being friendly to wide footers which is a big plus for this shoe. For most shoes, in the year 2017 had issues with wide footers, but it’s good that the Crazy Explosive 2017 does not. Despite this, it is always best to try the shoe out before purchase if possible, if not possible go true to size.

Adidas to the surprise of many in the year 2016 gave the Crazy Explosive only four eyelets which were shocking but thankfully the Crazy Explosive 2017 comes with five eyelets.

Also, these are perfectly placed on the shoe and from the forefoot to the heel, everything was nicely arranged to give that dope design and firmer hold.

So when running end to end on that court, once you’re strapped in properly, you are good to go with fewer incidents of loose laces.

For the Support, Adidas maintained a  pretty broad base for the Crazy Explosive 2017 just has previously done, with just some few additions to it.

So with the broad base, your heel is assured of pretty good support when running.

Also, your foot sits nicely in the TPU roll cage to offer lateral support which was largely praised when used previously.

Beyond this, as seen the design of the shoe, although the newly forged Primekit enhances flexibility, it also has reinforcement sections to prevent the materials from overstretching, keeping the foot dead center in the footbed.

This is just amazing because of a potential risk with this new stretchy technology for basketball shoes, it the ability to overstretch after several usages. This is not the case with the Crazy Explosive 2017, because as previously highlighted above it comes with an overstretch preventive measures. Great!

The Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 has a new effect that acts as a spring for that extra push or explosiveness on the court. This is the huge infinity shank plate, that helps for more stability and also serves to boost torsional rigidity.

This is the support given by the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 that has everyone going crazy.

This shoe gives good protection, balance, and stability. It can be used by almost any player in any position. One problem of the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 remains the fact that people have complained that it takes time to break-in.

Some even say it’s a little stiff and hard to put on.

There are also reports of the outsole of the  Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 wearing out quickly. Which isn’t much of a surprise, as is the case with many shoes with translucent outsoles.

In summary, it cannot be denied that the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 has excellent traction with good grip on the surface and minimal wiping needed.

Also that it comes with great boost cushioning for proper balancing and stability. That the Primekit provides good support for flexibility with the raised wave-patterned sock-like ankle collar.

Fit and support are good enough for any basketball shoe. But like every other basketball shoe, it isn’t perfect.

It can still do with some minor improvements and adjustment to ensure for better performance on the court, but for now, it remains one of the best of the Crazy Explosive line and one of the best of the year.

The crazy explosive is by far my favorite hoop shoe of 2017 and I recommend it for everyone no matter your foot size without a doubt the crazy explosive would leave you stunned like the shoe name  “explosive”. It features makes one of the best around and definitely, it should be a favorite for anyone that hoops. Well done to the Adidas team and we look forward to better innovations.

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